Irish Tower has the experience to make your project a success.

Experienced +Qualified

Irish Tower chooses only the most professional employees that focus on our clients' needs

Professional +Practiced

Irish Tower prides itself on providing cost effective solutions for all of our clients.

Cost Effective +Efficient

General Construction

Irish Tower provides comprehensive general construction services throughout the midwest. The team of professionals focuses on safety and produces timely results.


The qualified engineering team at Irish Tower is licensed in 46 states and works with clients to produce cost effective results. Combined our dedication and professionalism offers all Irish Tower clients excellent service for any project.

Project Management

Irish Tower’s project management team is experienced, timely, and precise. This enables our clients to move their projects to completion quickly. Communication and accuracy are key to our operation and up to 4 internal reviews ensure all clients receive a top quality product.


The key component to Irish Tower’s ability to deliver timely, cost effective projects has been, and will continue to be, the experience and integrity of our personnel. From top level management to the civil crew onsite, Irish Tower has a reputation for expertise, honesty and hard work which is a benefit to our clients’ bottom line. The Project Managers directing our crews in our markets of choice have been selected because they know the industry, the work required for project completion, the resources available in the market and what the client requires. This results in optimum site performance and satisfied clients.

Having established these provisioning offices over the past 6 years, Irish Tower understands that the needs of our clients change from market to market. Our mobile workforce has been successfully duplicating our superior service model in four locales and we are ready to meet the needs of your specific market today.